Before beginning the climb up Aneto, you first need to know where the starting pointsof the main routes are and how to get to them.

The Benasque Valley is the natural gateway to the different routes that take you up Aneto. The more accessible routes are the ones that climb the north face starting atLa Besurta (this also tends to be the busiest route), and the one up the south face starting atPuente de Coronas in Vallibierna.

North face: getting to La Besurta

La Besurta will be your starting point if you wish to ascend the north face of Aneto. You can get there from Benasque by taking the A-139 northwards.

During the summer (end of June to middle of September), the road to La Besurta is closed to cars,meaning that you must park in El Vado, which is 12 kilometres from Benasque andone kilometre before you reach Llanos del Hospital. From there, a bus can take you toLa Besurta.

Check the times and rules for access here. There are also buses from Benasque, though these are less frequent.

2022 Prices one-way Round trip
El Vado – La Besurta 2,90 € 5,20 €
Benasque – La Besurta 8,20 € 12,50 €


Until the end of June and from the middle of September onwards, you can reach La Besurta by carby taking the paved track for 3.5 km from Llanos del Hospital.

During winter, this track forms part of the Llanos del Hospital cross-country ski circuit, meaning that cars are unable to pass.

South face: getting to Puente de Coronas

Starting at Plan de Senarta, take the track that leads to Vallibierna Valley and Puente de Coronas, which is where you begin the ascent of Aneto’s south face.

You can reach Plan de Senarta from Benasque by taking the A-139 northwards. After 5.7 km, turn right at Plan de Senarta, taking the unpaved track for 7.7 km before reaching Puente de Coronas.

The track leading to Vallibierna is closed to private vehicles in the summer. During this time of year, you must park your car in Plan de Senarta and take one of the six daily buses to Puente de Coronas. Check the times and rules for access at the following link:

2022 prices one-way round trip
Benasque – Puente de Coronas 13,60 € 20,20 €
Senarta – Puente de Coronas 10,60 € 17,50 €


If you decide to walk up to Puente de Coronas, remember that it takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes up, and 1 hour and 50 minutes back down.

Until the end of June and from the middle of September onwards, the track leading to Vallibierna is open to cars. Ask for information on the state of the road before taking your car. During the winter, the track is covered in snow, making it impossible to take your car.


Although there are numerous buses going to La Besurta and Puente de Coronas each day, if you decide to complete your ascent of Aneto in one day,you will have to take the first bus, which leaves between 4:30 and 5:30 in the morning, as otherwise, it may be too late to get up and back down in the same day.

To make it easier and allow yourself extra time for sleep, spend the night at La Renclusa refuge, which is found along the north face route. Check availability and book before setting off.

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