If you need to call the emergency services on 112 while climbing Aneto, you will need to know where you can find good telephone signal.

Do you know to contact 112?

You can call 112 from your mobile phoneas long as you have a 2G signal with any telephone network, whether Spanish or French. In the mountains, signal is not always as good as in other places, but you should always take your mobile phone as you will be able to find a 2G signal from one company or another, especially high up in the mountains.

If you do not have signal, you will not be able to call 112. It is worth repeating that you do not need signal with your own network provider – anyone will do, even a foreign one. All you need is some kind of coverage.


  • Take your phone with a full battery.
  • Also take a portable charger.

Where can I find 2G signal in Aneto?

On the northern route that starts in La Besurta, you will not have signal between La Besurta and Los Portillones. Once you get to the glacier, you are likely to have signal until you get to the summit.

En la ruta de la cara norte por el Salterillo desde La Besurta, estarás sin cobertura desde La Besurta hasta antes de llegar al Ibón del Salterillo, a partir de aquí se podrá encontrar en algunos puntos hasta la cima.

On the southern route that starts at Puente de Coronas, you will begin to have signal at Ibón Superior de Coronas. From here on, you might not get signal again until you reach the summit.

If you do not have 2G signal, you can try sending a delayed message using data (a WhatsApp message, for example) to a friend requesting assistance, so that they can call 112 on your behalf.


Another option that always works is a satellite phone. These devices always allow you to make a call as they use a satellite network to channel the call.

If you do not have signal, remember that there is a telephone at La Renclusa refuge in addition to a radio communication system. On the southern route, the unmanned Coronas refuge features anemergency radio-telephone that you can use to call 112.

Other options

With a 2-metre radio band tuned into the 146.175 Mhz frequency, sub-channel 123 Hz, you can get in touch with La Renclusa refuge, which can then contact 112 for you.

Also try the #canal77PMR option, which looks to enable small transmitters and walkie-talkies (licence-free and at a low price) in order to transfer emergency warnings by using channel 7, sub-channel 7. Using this method, anyone with their device tuned into this channel will act as a repeater for the call for help.


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