Foto: Rafael López Moner

Before setting off, stop for a minute and ask yourself whether you are fully prepared to safely ascendAneto.

Answer the following questions honestly to assessyour physical and technical ability, as well asthat of the other people who will be accompanying you on your trip.

If you or a large portion of your party answers no to these questions, you are not ready to climb Aneto. In this case, set a smaller goalto help youtrain before tacklingAneto, or consider hiring the services of a mountain guide.

Before setting off, make sure that…

✔You have checked all the access routes to the starting points and you know whether you can access them with your private vehicle or whether the roads are closed and you have to get there by bus.

✔You have researched the routes to the summit of Aneto, either up the north face starting atLa Besurta or up the south face starting at Puente de Coronas.

✔In the event that you decide to attempt the northern route and spend the night in La Renclusa refuge, you have called to check rooms and availability and booked your place.

✔Your clothes and equipment are suitable for this kind of activity in the high mountains.

✔Your rucksack contains everything you will need.

✔You have checked the weather forecast.

✔You are aware that in order to climb up either of the faces ofAneto, you will need to take with you – and know how to use – crampons and an ice axe, regardless of the time of year (a helmet is also recommended).

✔You know about Puente de Mahoma, the section of ridge that you must cross before reaching the summit.

✔You are familiar with the constraints regarding progression and signposts during the ascent.

✔You know in which areas there is telephone signal if you need to call 112 in case of an emergency.

✔You know the total and partial times for your route.

In addition, during your ascent, you must always pay attention to your surroundings, changes in weather and the physical condition of your groupand equipment. This will help you foresee any incident and act in a safe and proper manner.

And what if I’m not prepared?

In this case, you should do more training in order to prepare yourself for the demands of this climb by carrying out less demanding activities, or alternatively, you could hire the services of a mountain guide.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is conquering Aneto safely!


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