The weather is a factor behind many of the rescues that are carried out on Aneto. In the mountains, it is fundamental that you study the weather forecast, as this will give you an idea of how and when to tackle the ascent, the expected temperatures and the amount of clothing you will need to take with you, among other things.

You must always take all the equipment needed to protect yourself against all possible meteorological conditions in your rucksack: warm clothing for the whole body, windbreaker or raincoat and sun cream.

Where can I check the weather forecast?

Always visit the Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) website for a specific forecast for mountain areas before your trip. This detailed outlook provides mountaineers with plenty of important information, such asthe wind speed at altitude, the freezing level, the chances of there being a storm, the wind chill factor and the UV index.

Which weather types may affect me?

In the high mountains,thegreat shift in temperature between day and night is one of the main sources of problems. Even in summer, you are still very likely to see temperatures of close to freezing.

Storms, often accompanied by lightning, are a common afternoon sight in the area around Aneto. Double-check the forecast and see how the clouds are expected to progress throughout the day. Peaks and summits are a dangerous place to be in these conditions due to being exposed to possible lightning strikes.

Low clouds and mist can make it difficult to find your bearings and follow the milestones or stone markers, as there are no clearly defined paths in the high mountains. In addition, in these conditions, the floor and the rocks are usually wet, increasing your chances of slipping.

Should I worry about the sun and wind?

Definitely! Sunlight is stronger in high-mountain areas. The ice and snow further reflect the radiation, and you will have to pass over these types of surfaces to get to the top. Protect your skin with high-factor sun cream and use sunglasses to avoid causing any problems to your vision.

A strong wind causes it to feel much cooler than what the thermometer reads, bringing down our body temperature. Make sure you always carry a windbreaker, woolly hat and thin gloves in your rucksack.



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