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Aneto, which is the highest peak in the Pyrenees, is like a magnet for mountaineers. If you think that you are not prepared to be able to complete the climb safely, get in touch with a mountain guide.

How do i know if i’m prepared?

If you have never attempted such a daunting task(1,500 metres of altitude gained and over 10 hours on the move), put on a pair of crampons or handled an ice axe, or if you have vertigo or doubts about whether you will be able to cross Puente de Mahoma,be honest with yourself and acknowledge the fact that you are not prepared to safely and securely attempt this ascent.

If you decide to go to Aneto anyway, make sure you hire the services of a professional guide.

I have experience climbing three-thousanders, but my friends have almost none…

It is safe to say that not all members of a group will have the same level of experience. If this is the first time that some of your party will be experiencing the high mountains or using an ice axe and crampons, ask yourself if you are capable of ensuring the safety of the others in your group. Are you able to make the right decisions? Do you have sufficient technical knowledge to prevent your companions from slipping on the glacier or to safely cross over Puente de Mahoma? If not, seriously consider hiring the services of a guide.

Who are mountain guides?

Mountain guides are professionals with training in leading groups of people on mountain activities. In order to reach the summit of Aneto, you will need a qualified high-mountain guide (or a técnico deportivo de alta montaña in Spanish).

What does a guide do?

The guide’s job is not just to take you to the top, but also to provide you with help and assistance during all parts of the activity. They will manage all dangerous situations by minimising the risk and making decisions in the interest of safety at key moments. They will also provide you with any technical material you need and teach you how to use it.

In addition, local guides are fountains of knowledge when it comes to the area, and activities led by them are usually full of fun facts about its history, culture and nature.

Where can i find them?

Here is a list of businessesandguides who work in and around Benasque Valley.
In addition, the Aragonese government keeps a record of all adventure travel companies in the region that you can contact for this type of activity.

You can also search the Spanish Mountain Guides Association (AEGM) website.


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