Climbing Aneto is a demanding high-mountain activity andas such, it is not suitable for those taking their first foray into the world of high mountaineering. If this is your first time climbing a mountain with a height greater than 3,000 metres, please take into consideration the following:

  • The huge distance you will have to climb (1,500 metres).
  • Basically the entire journey passes through high-mountain terrain, where progression is difficult and the lack of signposts makes it complicated to follow the correct trail.
  • In order to reach the summit, you will need to take with you and know how to use technical equipment, such asan ice axe and crampons.

If you think that you are not fit enough or that you do not have sufficient high-mountain experience to safely climb this mountain, you can take part in some activities in Benasque Valley during the days prior to your excursion so that you can evaluate whether you are sufficiently prepared to tackle Aneto.

Here are a few activities that are less physically and/or technically demanding that you can try in order to find out if you are prepared and to prepare yourself.

Activities for preparing yourself and training

Ruta Ficha Mapa Track
Pico Cerler  Ficha Pico Cerler  Mapa Pico Cerler  Track Pico Cerler
 Tuca Dalliu  Ficha Tuca Dalliu  Mapa Tuca del Dalliu  Track Tuca del Dalliu
 Pico Sacroux  Ficha Pico Sacroux  Mapa Pico Sacroux  Track Pico Sacroux
 Tuca Salbaguardia  Ficha Tuca Salbaguardia  Mapa Tuca Salbaguardia  Track Tuca de Salbaguardia
 Ibón Blanco por Remuñe-Literola  Ficha Remuñe-Ibón Blanco-Literola  Mapa Ibón Blanco de Literola  Track Remuñe - Ibón Blanco - Literola


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