Summer is coming, although in the high mountains there is still plenty of snow. The high temperatures speed up the melting process and modify the layout and structure of the snowy layer each day.

The dangers of melting above the gorges

The snow that remains above the gorges gradually loses thickness: the heat melts the surface and the water flowing in the gorge below melts its base. These structures are weakened and may even collapse under your weight. To ensure you stay out of danger, you need to get the lay of the land.

The dangers os melting high up in the glacier

This sudden melting brings with it stones falling down from up on the ridge. Following the winter frost, many rocks are broken up due to the cycles of freezing and thawing, and they are only being held in place by the ice. As the temperatures increase, these rocks can fall down onto the path over the glacier.

You can check the altitude of the snow line by watching the webcams at La Renclusa refuge.

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